The need for systems that will effectively prevent insects from invading our space is obvious, especially during summer in Greece. Thus, we need to obtain mosquito systems which are effective, resistant and at the same time easy to install, without special care. There are many options of mosquito nets, not only in types, but also in colors and dimensions, which vary depending on their use. Below are presented some of them so as to get a first glimpse of their diversity.


There are approximately four types of mosquito nets used in the Greek market, the most common of which is the vertical screen. This particular mosquito net is usually installed at opening single-leaf or double-leaf windows. We can also find it, though more rarely, at balcony doors. The reason of course is that bending in order to secure and unlock the mosquito net, makes it non-functional in everyday use.


On the other hand, the horizontal pleated mosquito net is ideal for balcony doors concerning every day life at home. It is usually installed at opening single-leaf or double-leaf balcony doors. We also find it in multi-slide balcony doors when we wish to avoid the sash of the multi-framing. Moreover, we can see it installed at opening or multi-slide windows.


Another option is the hinged door mosquito net that we usually find in country houses. It is often installed in front of kitchen doors, as well as main entrance doors. The advantage of this mosquito net is that it functions as a door and of course it features a return spring mechanism so that when we let go of it, it closes by itself. It is resistant and very practical.