Aluminium frames, tilt and turn opening system with thermal break. 
Tilt and turn opening system with thermal break which is exclusively combined with a stainless steel mechanism of 16 mm, offering satisfying thermal insulation and enhanced security level.


Aluminium frames, hinged thermal-break system. 
Μ9660 constitutes the base of Alumil’s hinged systems and was created in order to offer satisfying thermal insulation, which is achieved with polyamides of 24 mm, increased tightness and at the same time low investment costs. The system can be combined both with European or PVC groove hardware and offers the possibility to create plenty typologies. M9660 has a sash width of 56 mm, a heat transfer coefficient from 1,8 to 2,5 W/(m²·K), thermal insulation with fiberglass reinforced polyamides PA 6.6, of 24 mm width, large drainage and ventilation channel, double sash frames for proper drainage of the water, etc.


Aluminium frames, lift and sliding, insulating.
It’s a robust, lift and sliding aluminium system. It provides high levels of thermal insulation and flexibility in construction. Ideal for large openings. It ensures quality construction and enables both internal and external “framing” for a stronger connection between the profiles, at a low construction cost. It has the following characteristics: sash of 56 mm width, frame of 128 mm width, smooth and easy sliding thanks to stainless steel guide rails, weight per sash from 90 to 300 kg, various lift and sliding mechanisms. It presents high thermal resistance Uf from 2,2 to 4,6 W/(m²·K) and covers all typologies of sliding systems.